To say that Miles Kinghorn has led a rich and interesting life would be an understatement. Born into a long and prestigious family of professional biography writers, it was decided at a young age that Miles was to continue in this proud and noble tradition. His fate thus sealed, Miles was enrolled in the finest biography writing schools both Europe and the Americas had to offer, where he was instructed in traditions and techniques as old as time itself. Upon his graduation from the school, however, he came to the realization that writing biographies kinda blows, and vowed to instead turn his hand towards design and animation.

He began his career in 2002 working at Refused TV, a music video production company. While there, Miles sharpened his skills in everything from motion graphics to music video directing to television editing. Eventually he left the Refused fold and shacked up with Formula Inc, a design firm known for its diverse projects and specialties. Working at Formula allowed Miles to work with a broader range of clients; some of these included Universal Studios, Microsoft, the band Daft Punk, Kodak, and Sony Pictures. After spending some time there, Miles decided to go freelance at the beginning of 2006 to further broaden his horizons and skill set. He was able to establish relationships with a number of high profile companies such as Star Dust, Fuel, Roger, and Picture Mill, working on a number of jobs for clients such as ABC, HGTV, DirecTV, and Hallmark. Eventually, he began at Superfad, and after clicking with the talent and philosophy of the shop, decided to take a full time job there as a 2D specialist in both animation and compositing. While at Superfad he had the opportunity to work on a number of ground-breaking and award-winning spots and campaigns, including Sprint, Visa, Coke, and Toyota, eventually rising to the head of 2D compositing in the Los Angeles office. In 2011, he took the next step and started working on the Flame, honing his finishing and compositing skills on jobs for AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Nissan, among others. When Superfad shuttered its doors in the spring of 2013, Miles again found himself in the freelance world. Excited about the possibilities ahead, Miles is now beginning the next phase of his career as a freelance Flame artist and compositor.

Miles is currently residing in Los Angeles, happy to be doing what he's doing and living the dream. But damn if that old profession doesn't creep back up every now and then.

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